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Artist Statement: Shattered Earth

Sometimes I feel like the earth as we know it is shattering before our very eyes.  Can we mend it?   Plastics are continually ending up in our rivers and oceans killing aquatic life and entering the food chain.  The warming of the ocean is killing 5-10,000 year old coral reefs and changing the ocean’s ecosystems and food chains.  The warming of land is changing habitats, causing extinctions, affecting our agricultural production, melting glaciers causing the rising sea level affecting all of the coastal areas, changing wind patterns are creating droughts in some areas with devastating brush fires and floods in other areas displacing people and animals.  There is the greater frequency of extreme weather causing more powerful hurricanes and tornadoes devastating communities, cities, and whole regions.  Industrial pollution of water and soil in many parts of our country and the world is causing a scarcity of drinking water and killing off fish.  We have a shattered earth and we need to piece it together again.


Ronnie Swire Siegel
Los Angeles, CA, United States


Glass, colored cement and stained glass paint.

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